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GoScholarly is a research development initiative by a group of young and exuberant people to promote and boost scientific research in India. We envision our research forums to be a platform where eminent scientists can guide and groom next generation of researchers and students for an improved and quality scientific research. With quality we also look forward to bring investors and contributors to our research scholars to provide the financial muscle for labs to flourish

We put all our force and energy into making India an efficient and leading research power among other nations of the world. These are the milestones we set for ourselves to reach what we aspire to be.

  • Build an active research forum for science fraternity to discuss, understand and innovate new research solutions for benefit of Indian research
  • Build social platform to promote individual research to attract collaborators and contributors for funding and efficient research.
  • Provide customized technical solutions to labs for better focus and output.

Our Vision for GoScholarly is to bring in all the research groups, labs and institutions together for constructive and collaborative research powered by funding from private contributors.

We believe research is the key to providing solutions to Nations needs, and GoScholarly will be instrumental in result-oriented research which will guide researchers and help the nation at the same time.

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C S Sastry Challapalli

CEO and Co-Founder.
Email: admin@goscholarly.com

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Sairam Ithineni

Email: sairam@goscholarly.com